Intuitive interface, powerful results

PLNAR for Enterprise

PLNAR is the perfect solution for any business that requires home or commercial property floor plans. The PLNAR App interface is designed with the consumer in mind. The entire app + cloud solution drops easily into any sales or claim process.

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Save time
and money

Get measurement detail for every room & eliminate on-site expensive visits
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Gain a competitive
advantage with AR

Your gateway into AR, unlocking a world of innovation, giving you instant credibility
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Win more business
and improve bottom line

Close more business faster using PLNAR's virtual measurement system.
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Easy to set up.
Easy to use.

Move your business forward with PLNAR. Built for the enterprise to drop in and instantly see value
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Enterprise Ready Augmented Reality

Do more with PLNAR Pro

Win more business and improve the bottom line.

Everything you need in one package

PLNAR’s augmented reality floor plan solution gives your customers and mobile workforce everything they need to store, share, and update projects on the go.

Whether you are a group of fifty or a team of one (and growing), the PLNAR App makes you even more productive. Sync from your iPhone or iPad to the cloud. Our app makes capturing dimensions of a room easy and fun. Now, anyone can create a floor plan with just their iPhone. No need to use a clunky tape measure or bring a stranger into your house to measure.

Find information right when you need it. Data is synced directly from your customer’s device. You can store, share and manage all your projects right on the PLNAR Cloud. With everything stored in a centralized location, now you can conveniently share your files with your friends and colleagues.

Our built-in notification system, PLNAR Notify, gives you and your customer real-time alerts of project activities. This cohesive experience automatically sends brief messages informing you when data is synced between applications or when a new project has been created. They are an excellent way to keep tabs on your business and customer concerns.

How It Works


PLNAR a project remotely by inviting your customer to download and create their floor plan. Customers can initiate a PLNAR project via your website or retail presence. Engage early and remotely generate leads.


Create and edit with PLNAR’s AR interface. Customers map out entire rooms with just a few taps. They can even add additional detail about the room.


Field sales team & customers can send data directly to the cloud. Dimensioning reports are generated and added to the cloud. Our portal gives your team everything they need to view & share exported projects & customer details.

Ready to make PLNAR work for you?